The Most Popular Custom Pool Features for Richmond, VA

Create a back yard that is perfectly you by adding custom features to your pool. Whether you’re looking to add a popular water feature or lighting to create the perfect space for late night swims, the pool design experts at Anthony and Sylvan Pools in Richmond, Virginia can create exactly what you’re looking for.

Popular Custom Water Features for Your Pool

Water features are a great way to create a soothing, relaxing retreat in your back yard. From rock waterfalls and fountains to laminar jets and sheer descents, there are a variety of water features that can transform your swimming pool. Sheer descent waterfalls or sheet falls, create a smooth curtain of water falling over into the pool and can create a spa-like atmosphere to your back yard. If you love the sound of running water, laminar jets and fountains are a great way to create a relaxing back yard and drown out any outside noises.

Customizable Lighting for Your Richmond Pool

Custom lighting and water features are extremely popular in backyard swimming pools. Whether you’re designing a new pool space or updating your existing space, lighting can make all the difference. With LED lighting, the experts at Anthony and Sylvan Pools can give you exactly the look you’re going for. LED lighting is incorporated into the pool to highlight features such as stairs or benches. The best quality about LED lights is that they last anywhere from seven to fifteen years!

Custom Pool Designs from Anthony and Sylvan Pools

If you’re designing a new pool, creating a unique shape that fits your back yard and swimming needs is important. Customizable pools are popular because they allow you to utilize your back yard in the best way possible. Creating a freeform pool, like the one above, allows home owners to use as much or as little space as they’d like. Vanishing edges and custom wall features are also possible when designing a new swimming pool. Vanishing edges can give your pool a never-ending feel. Whether overlooking a body of water, mountains, or woodlands this feature can make you feel connected with your view.

Take your pool to the next level by adding a custom spa. Create a spa that spills over into your pool for elevated relaxation. Spas are popular addition to back yard pools and can be used year-round. Whether your hopping in on a chilly fall afternoon or relaxing after a long summer day, there is never a bad time to use your spa.

Customize Your Richmond, VA Pool with Anthony and Sylvan Pools

Enhance your swimming pool by adding popular custom features from Anthony & Sylvan Pools. From water features to lighting and design, our design experts can help you create the pool of your dreams.

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